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Let  Josh Henkin, Ultimate Sandbag Training Creator, train you to use your Sandbag in the most effective way. Starting with the fundamental movement patterns that make up the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT) system. This is the same system utilized by thousands of the worlds top Personal Trainers, Military personnel, and folk that just LOVE to be challenged.

“Even with what I would consider a light load, the Ultimate Sandbag created an incredible challenge, that was unlike conventional training. It also created a level of deep muscle soreness I'd not felt in a long time”

Adam Campbell - Author Of The Mens Health Big Book Of Exercises

Tanya Montgomery says...

I just finished my first week of the workout!!!!! I LOVE it!!! I just recently made a very hard but wise decision to cancel my Crossfit membership. I have ALL kinds of workout gear at home that was just collecting dust (including my Ultimate Sandbag)......Well I've wiped the dust off of it and I've been in awe at what a wonderful piece of workout equipment your sandbag is!!!!!!!It's SO versatile!!!!!! My core is my weak point & after only using your sandbag for one week (3 times)......I can already feel the difference! My back pain is gone & I'm actually starting to feel stronger.

Matthew Brander Says...

Thanks Josh for the Ultimate Sandbag and all the different workout programs. I love it. You have changed my way of thinking about exercising and functional strength. I have become stronger and have had less knee/back pain since starting your program. I just recently completed The Goruck Challenge, which is an endurance event lasting 11hrs, covering 18 miles carrying a 40lb backpack. We carried numerous odd shaped objects including sandbags during the challenge. I'm convinced your program got me through this because it strengthened my core and stabilizer muscles and got me used to lifting these objects with proper form. I am a firm believer in the Ultimate Sandbag and will continue to follow your program and grow ! Thanks again.

A Word From Josh...

“We wanted to provide a fitness tool that could deliver the results promised with fun and challenging progressive workouts. Great fitness shouldn’t be reserved for the physically gifted, but the right of all of us to attain.”

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